Dr. Wilkinson’s Resort and Spa

Calistoga, California

Dr. Wilkinson’s Resort and Spa

Calistoga, California

Designed to bring the past into the present with cool authenticity, the iconic 1950s Dr. Wilkinson’s Resort will be revamped to create a new Northern California wellness hotel, with a twist.


Dr. Wilkinson’s Resort and Spa

Project Type

Destination Resorts


6,000 sf spa

Inspired by Dr. Wilkinson’s longstanding commitment to alternative wellbeing and deeply rooted connection to the community of Calistoga, the aim was to create a new vision for the resort that respects and leverages the historic property’s integrity and legacy. Attracting a diverse tribe of enthusiasts, the resort’s progressive roots, accessible downtown location, and eclectic style will revive the famed Calistoga landmark into a contemporary wellness destination.

“We were tasked with breathing new life into a beloved icon. Originally opened in the fifties, the goal was to create a wellness destination that brings the past into the present with cool authenticity. Building on Dr. Wilkinson’s long, famed history, whilst introducing modern aesthetics, we wove the charm and a sense of place into the refreshed design.” 

Bruce Wright, Vice President and Principal, SB Architects

Focusing on the curative effects of geothermal mineral water and hot-mud baths, the pioneering legacy of Dr. Wilkinson has been part of the fabric of Calistoga for several decades. The renovation revitalizes the existing hotel and spa, adding three extra guestrooms; converting three back-of-house rooms to extra guestrooms; adding a new food and beverage modular building, and restoring three historic Victorian buildings dating back to the 1890s. Deeply rooted in history, the design aims to modernize while retaining as much of the original look, feel, and ethos of the space as possible. 


EDG Design


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